Monthly Archives: December 2008

As the Curtain Falls… (My Farewell Message to STR)

Note: I posted this letter earlier today at the STR blog. Fellow Ambassadors, When the curtain falls on the last act of a mediocre play, it’s a real downer. Not only was the experience of the play a bit dull, but now there’s nothing there to continue to hold your attention. But if the play […]

Five Loaves and Two Fish

Andrew offered a few small lunch items and Jesus made a meal for 5,000. In my December newsletter, I share about the small gift I’m offering Jesus with the prayer that Jesus will use it to multiply full-time pro-life workers across North America. What kind of pro-life workers? Those who will use common ground, intelligent […]

On the Topic of Common Ground

Here’s a list of blogs I’ve posted at on the topic of my book, Common Ground Without Compromise: 25 Questions to Create Dialogue on Abortion: 5/9/08: We agree…(but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re correct) 5/6/08: Student Group Finds Common Ground (Results of Portland Survey, 3/26/08) 4/22/08: Shvarts Art Puts Yale in a Tough Spot… […]