Here’s a Model to Follow

(Originally posted at the STR blog on 12/6/08)

Pastor Wade Mobley in South Dakota gives us a sterling example of pro-life advocacy in his December 1 piece in his local paper. A few things stand out:

  • He didn’t wait for the conversation to happen to him. He created it by writing a letter to the editor.
  • He put his letter in a forum where pro-choice people would read it.
  • He kept his letter focused on a single important point: What is the unborn?
  • He skillfully wove in four points of common ground (abortions most people are against)
  • He used another point of common ground (we agree that newborns have equal rights to adults) to make his case for the value of the unborn.
  • He stuck around to elaborate and clarify things during the dialogue in the comments thread.
  • He modeled good ambassador skills throughout.

Wade also mentioned to me over email that he’s using the dialogue to train people in his church to be better ambassadors on the issue of abortion.

And now, his efforts are available to train you, because I linked to his post. Go read it!

Thanks for showing us how to make our case and train others at the same time, Wade!

(See also STR’s interesting comments thread for this post here.)

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