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Dialogue Lab – Only One Question (Open Mic at ASU, part IV)

The following dialogue (4.5 minutes) begins with an ASU student making an interesting assertion: Pro-lifers should adopt all of the children who are born (if abortion is made illegal). As you watch, pause the video after this initial assertion and think of a question you can ask to help return the conversation to the question, […]

Dialogue Lab – Common Ground (Open Mic at ASU, part III)

Should Third-Trimester Abortions Remain Legal? from Life Media Resources on Vimeo. Step 1: Listen to the first thoughts from this student at ASU. Stop the video. Step 2: Think of a question you can ask to build common ground with the speaker. Write your ideas in the comments section. Step 3: Now listen to the […]

STR Deal: Common Ground Book & Audio for Dirt Cheap

STR is running a deal on a Common Ground book/audio combo. Bought separately, the items cost $20.94. Special price currently: $15.95. Audio is available in CD and in mp3. The audio includes two presentations of about an hour each…the first roughly follows the first three chapters of the book, but adds a Biblical defense of […]

Dialogue Lab – You Participate! (Open Mic a ASU, part II)

Here’s another student opinion on the open mic on ASU. Listen to the initial comment, then stop the clip. Decide how you might respond if you were in my shoes. Tell us in the comments section. Then watch the rest of the clip and decide if my response helped or hindered progress in the dialogue. […]

Open Mic at ASU

Thousands of students walking by.  A microphone.  Speakers (both types).  And one great dialogue.   Evan Davis and the team at Harvest Media captured one of our open mic sessions last week at ASU.  They’re currently filming for an upcoming documentary, Silent Fall.   I’ll post a number of excerpts in my next few posts. […]

JFA at the U of A

The University of Arizona student TV station covered the Justice For All Exhibit outreach last week.

Magazine Test

I just picked up an issue of Cornerstone Magazine (circa 1994 – it was undated). Within two minutes I found two articles that were interesting to me in 2009. One was an interview with Phillip Johnson (when Darwin on Trial was a recent phenomenon).   Another was an article about whether or not magazines should […]