Magazine Test

I just picked up an issue of Cornerstone Magazine (circa 1994 – it was undated).

Within two minutes I found two articles that were interesting to me in 2009. One was an interview with Phillip Johnson (when Darwin on Trial was a recent phenomenon).   Another was an article about whether or not magazines should be used as ministers of accountability. 

This got me thinking about which magazines I should be reading. It seems if you can pick it up 15 years from now and it still intrigues and stirs your mind to think and rethink your views on things that matter, then it’s a good one on which to spend time now.

Of course there’s a value in keeping up on the events and conversations of the day with newsweeklies and the papers, but the smart money is on giving these only a fraction of our study time.

If you’re looking for a magazine that will keep challenging you and your kids to think for years in the future, subscribe to First Things.  You won’t regret it.

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