Dialogue Lab – Only One Question (Open Mic at ASU, part IV)

The following dialogue (4.5 minutes) begins with an ASU student making an interesting assertion: Pro-lifers should adopt all of the children who are born (if abortion is made illegal).

As you watch, pause the video after this initial assertion and think of a question you can ask to help return the conversation to the question, “What is the unborn?” Then watch my interaction with her and see what you think.

When Does the Unborn Gain Rights? from Life Media Resources on Vimeo.

Note this assertion that comes a bit later in the clip: The unborn in the early stages is just uterus lining.  How would you respond?

Note also one opportunity I had to build common ground.  She commented that late-term abortion is bad and that women should take responsibility for the child at that point.  I don’t think I did a good job of pointing out our agreement on that point.

One comment

  1. Steve, the way she initially posed the question indicates her focus on responsibility. My question at that point was – should parents be responsible for their children?The follow – if parents are not responsible then why is it okay to kill them?Good approach you’re taking here with the post-analysis. Continuous improvement is critical. On another note – it would be nice to have a b-roll camera to catch audience expressions. I’d love to see various facial reactions as you’re asking those questions.

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