Monthly Archives: March 2009

Does Might Make Right? (Open Mic at ASU, Part V)

The ASU student in the following video likens the unborn to a vegetable and then argues that “might makes right” is part of nature’s system of balance. I wonder if the two are connected? Conversations– Does Might Make Right? from Evan Davis on Vimeo.

In their own words…

Lauren, one of JFA’s outstanding interns, recently posted some response cards from JFA’s UT San Antonio outreach just two weeks ago (the response cards are after the first story in the post, a story which is heart-breaking). Extra bonus: Lauren gives the stories behind some of the cards! Very interesting reading.

Science Fiction…or Mad Scientist?

A fertility doctor recently announced that his methods will allow parents to select traits like eye color. The story is misleading, though. Note that he’s using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, the procedure that enables him to screen embryos he’s already created in vitro. So, embryos with “undesirable” traits like Down syndrome can be “discarded” (killed). Now, […]