Does Might Make Right? (Open Mic at ASU, Part V)

The ASU student in the following video likens the unborn to a vegetable and then argues that “might makes right” is part of nature’s system of balance. I wonder if the two are connected?
Abortion Conversations– Does Might Make Right? from Evan Davis on Vimeo.


  1. Steve,Thanks so much for posting these. Seems like this video is a little jacked up. Audio and video are way off. I know there is probably nothing you can do about this, but just wanted to let you know. z

  2. Steve, I’ve been watching these videos and I’m right there with you – working out the logic, understanding their view, finding common ground, then… then I’m waiting for you to deliver a one-two punch of logic to enlighten them, but I don’t see it here. What is the tactic of these open mic dialog sessions? Is it just to put a “stone in their shoe” like Greg Koukl always says?

  3. Vitamin Z, I haven’t been able to replicate your problem. I wonder if it’s your browser? I simply embed the video that is posted at vimeo, so I can’t alter the content.Hope you can get it working.SW

  4. Brian,Great question. What you’re seeing in the clips I’ve been posting over the past three weeks are excerpts from a 90-minute open mic session at ASU. If you heard the whole session, you might see more of the direction I’m trying to point for the audience. With that said, I think my style on the open mic has more of a dialogue texture than a debate texture. I am not attempting to give people a one-two punch. As you mentioned, I’m truly attempting a stone in the shoe, for both the person on the mic and the audience listening in. Plus, I believe playing more of a role of moderator of the dialogue sometimes gives me a better cross-section of people on the mic (as opposed to only hotheads). People simply aren’t willing to talk if they feel they’ll be trapped or embarrassed. But that’s better for one-to-one dialogue as well. So, I think the style of “putting a stone in the shoe,” as Greg Koukl calls it, is important to model even in this high-intensity forum where there’s an entertainment element (I have to think like a radio talk show host in an open mic session…if it’s boring, people won’t stop and listen…and then we lose the opportunity to put a stone in THEIR shoes as well…). It’s important because it’s the sort of thing we should be doing all of the time. Please don’t misunderstand. I want desperately to give people the argument for the pro-life view…and I wish it came through a bit more prominently in some of these segments. But creating an intellectual environment where people feel comfortable rethinking is just as high a priority. With that in mind, I suggest all of my readers rewatch some of the video clips asking two questions:1. Do the questions and words Steve selects sometimes clear the way for the pro-life argument in a way that overtly stating the case would not?2. Are there places in the dialogue where Steve could have made the case for the pro-life position more explictly without compromising the atmosphere of rethinking, either in the person on the mic or in the audience listening in?

  5. Thank you for your reply, Steve. Thinking about it more, the way you are dialoging with these students is much more applicable to conversations that can be held anywhere, anytime …ones i might have at work or with a friend. I’m definitely learning by watching these videos. I’m now seeing that your methods defuse the steamrollers, the hotheads, or those that might easily go on the defensive… I’ll be checking this blog quite often! Thank you for your work.

  6. Steve – the video errors may be a platform problem. I’m seeing similar problems as Vitamin Z. Looks like frames drop and sound runs out of sync.Same problems at Vimeo running the videos, but don’t haven’t seen this with other vimeo members. (Of your other videos posted most were acceptable, but this one isn’t. It’s very distracting and difficult to follow).That said – when they do work – they are very instructive. More please!

  7. Steve said: “But creating an intellectual environment where people feel comfortable rethinking is just as high a priority.”I think that works really well in the in-person environment, but it’s hard to achieve this comfort on-line where people tend to hide behind personas. Often others jump in and steal the conversation. If there was a way to mimic what you’re doing on-line…Great idea to shoot for.

  8. Hey Steve,I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet. baby is already doing her part to save lives!

  9. Wow this is very eye opening. I’m learning so much about the opposing view and how to talk about this. I will be reading your book Common Ground Without Compromise very soon to help me as well. Just since God has laid on my heart to pray about the subject of abortion I have been sadly discovering that even strong believers of Christ that walk with me daily feel that it’s still a woman’s right to choose, or I find people are indifferent about it and don’t want to talk about it. Thanks so much for what you are doing!

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