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Does Interaction Make a Person?

On Friday, I posted a video by an autistic person who shared her unique form of interacting with the environment as evidence that she is also a thinking person. I affirmed how the video emphasizes a basic principle of communication: see it from the other person’s perspective. I’m troubled, though, by one of the woman’s […]

Communication 101

The author of this moving video makes the point that interaction with the environment (what she calls “language”) comes in many different forms for different people, and we should not expect that someone must be like us to be considered a person. I think the definition of language here may be a bit strained, but […]

"One of the best"

“This was one of the best talks I have ever heard.” — Katie, a college student, after hearing Steve Wagner speak at the Students for Life Conference in Washington D.C. on January 24, 2009.


“I thought this was a great presentation! I have been pro-life for only a year but still didn’t understand all arguments against and for this stance. This presentation answered so many questions for me…The presentation and [open forum] questions helped my growing knowledge… Thanks. It was amazing!” — Jenna, a student at Clarion University (Clarion, […]

Don’t Judge a Book… (April/May 09 Newsletter)

Have you ever had an opportunity to engage in dialogue on abortion but convinced yourself it was a bad idea? Did you wait so long that the opportunity evaporated? In my April/May 09 newsletter, I share about a conversation I had with “Eva” at a Colorado university. It was almost a disaster because it almost […]