Moonlight Beach Survey Results

On May 24, a small team of JFA staff and volunteers hit the beach in Southern California as a part of a JFA leadership camp. The purpose? Find out what people think about abortion and give them the opportunity to dialogue about it if interested.

We took opinions through two vehicles: a survey (9 questions) and a poll table tent (“Should abortion remain legal?”). If you were one of the respondents, thank you for participating! Let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments section of this post!

Here are the complete results.

The sample size is small and no attempt was made to randomize the population responding, so we don’t claim that it’s representative of the public at large. The results, though, are still interesting as a snapshot of this beach population.

Gallup released results of a new poll recently, claiming that more Americans now claim to be pro-life than claim to be pro-choice. As Trent Horn pointed out in a helpful post, it’s hard to conclude much for certain from this revelation, since the terms weren’t defined. I suggest that we can know that these folks have affection for the term “pro-life,” and that’s about it.

In our survey, we asked more specific questions. We also gave people a chance to give their answers in conjunction with photographic evidence about the unborn and abortion. You can see the pages we referenced here (first row) (warning: graphic pictures) and you can get your own copy of the JFA Exhibit brochure here.

Take a look at the survey results and then share your view in the comments section.


  1. do you have any plans to get this survey out to thousands more? These are certainly surprising results from the public.

  2. Um, showing “graphic pictures” with a survey like that is going to lead the poll and destroy any kind of structural integrity that is left after your completely unscientific selection. Next time, how about you share some of the tragic stories of women who desperately wanted a child and had to experience late-term abortions to minimize the suffering of their child/protect their own health for future children?

    Oh, wait. That would influence your audience in the wrong direction.

  3. I think that it is great that most people believe that abortion is wrong. People shouldn't die for other peoples mistakes. Even if someone got rapped, it's still not fair.

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