Lest you think…

…all pro-choice advocates believe in any abortion at any point in time for any reason, read “Can we ever say a woman can’t choose?” by Frances Kissling.

As I argued in Common Ground, sex-selection abortion is among the most detested forms of abortion for many pro-choice advocates. The question I raised in the book was, “Why?” See Question 4 in the book for that discussion.

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  1. I read that article. For abortion doctors, what is special about week 24? Is it related to complications with the procedure and health of the mother, or, does it have to do with the baby being able to survive outside the womb?

    Also, i never thought to ask a pro-choice person “Are there ever situations where a woman shouldn't be able to choose?” – what a great way to engage with them and get to that crucial question, “what is the unborn?”

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