Monthly Archives: July 2009

Common Ground on Sex and Sex Ed?

The following video, taken at ASU earlier this year, illustrates how difficult it is for people to find common ground on sex and sex ed (see question 19 in Common Ground Without Compromise). Abortion Conversations– Sex Education from Evan Davis on Vimeo. If you thought it was tough to agree on abortion, I think […]

"Even as we think we’re doing good"

President Obama’s words at a slave trading post in Ghana should be sobering for all of us. I assume he intends the warning not just for others, but also for himself. God, please help all of us see those actions (including inaction or tolerance) we intend for good, but are actually evil. Sometimes we can […]

If I’m Pro-Life, What Should I Call a Person Who Disagrees?

In his response to this question, Josh Brahm quoted my book, but also gave his own insightful commentary. And it’s an important question for him to answer because he’s actually found a way to interest pro-choice listeners in his very entertaining and very informative podcast. Imagine that. Pro-life advocates talking with pro-choice advocates in mind. […]

Christians and Abortion: A Question

Are most Christians pro-life by conviction and pro-choice by default? -OR- Are most Christians pro-choice by conviction and pro-life by default?

Life as Practice…Mother Teresa as a Great Model

At a conference in 2005 in PA, I encourage the young women in the audience to consider the importance of seeing every activity as practice for what you are becoming. I pay tribute to one special moment in Mother Teresa’s life when her “practice” helped her accomplish something great. She was the best kind of […]