Common Ground on Sex and Sex Ed?

The following video, taken at ASU earlier this year, illustrates how difficult it is for people to find common ground on sex and sex ed (see question 19 in Common Ground Without Compromise).

Abortion Conversations– Sex Education from Evan Davis on Vimeo.

If you thought it was tough to agree on abortion, I think it’s even tougher with the topic of sex and sex ed. About half-way through you’ll see me encourage common ground, but in the moments that followed, none emerged.

If this is the topic President Obama and others are hoping to use to find common ground on abortion, I am interested in hearing which specific items the pro-life and pro-choice advocates actually agree on. I suggest a few in my book, but I also point out how those common ground items lead to even more passionate disagreement.


  1. I see what you mean by your paragraph, Steve. That girl in green didn't really have that much of a common ground statement (even if that's how she intro'd it)

    btw, I really enjoy your blog, it keeps my mind fresh on the topic 😀 keep it up

  2. Was she attempting common ground somewhere in that statement? I missed it.

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