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Dialogue Tool in a (YouTube) Box

Here’s a short video produced by JFA’s own Trent Horn: What do you think?

Music Video Can Be Interesting

Not your average “let’s-fake-playing-our-electronic-instruments-in-a-desert-a-million-miles-away-from-electricity” music video: Note: I can’t vouch for the content of the song, since I don’t understand it. If you know what it’s about, share in the comments.

Minds Do Change

Look at this interchange my colleague Lauren had with a student at PCC. One simple question, one simple explanation (the tour), and this girl changed her mind. Shows the power of good dialogue in the hands of a good ambassador!

Watch This…Tuesday 8/25/09

Have you been turned off by apologetics in the past? Do you wonder if anyone really needs it? Are you unsure of what the word means at all? My friends Sean McDowell and Brett Kunkle are doing a live stream discussion on the need for engaging people in our culture in an intelligent, gracious, relevant […]

A Reader Comments…

Regarding Common Ground Without Compromise, one reader writes: By far the best book I have read on the abortion issue! Should be read by those on both sides of the issue and those who take no side. The more people who follow the advice laid out in this book, both in terms of the abortion […]

Get to the Point! Abortion Conversations– At What Point Does the Unborn Gain Rights? from Evan Davis on Vimeo. I’ll be the first to admit that my performance in this clip could be snappier. In short, I rambled and didn’t let her talk. Consequently, I think things weren’t as productive for this pro-choice advocate as they could have […]

Why Is There a Wall?

July 2009 Newsletter (link) Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you had good intellectual arguments for your beliefs, but the person you were talking to just wouldn’t listen? Did you feel like a wall had gone up that you couldn’t get past? I’ve felt that many times. My conversation with […]