Why Is There a Wall?

July 2009 Newsletter (link)

Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you had good intellectual arguments for your beliefs, but the person you were talking to just wouldn’t listen? Did you feel like a wall had gone up that you couldn’t get past?

I’ve felt that many times. My conversation with Jim was different, though. It taught me a lesson about argumentation that I’d like to share with you in my July newsletter, “Getting Down to Gut Level”. It’s as simple as one question, but it’s a question you may not have thought of. In discussions of controversial topics like “Does God exist?” or “Should abortion be legal?” it brings clarity and a way forward.

To find out what it is, read on. It takes less than five minutes!

One comment

  1. russellandduenes · · Reply

    Great point here, Steve. I agree with you and have had your same experience on a number of occasions. It really does help when we try to get at the roots of our disagreements, and they are rarely, if ever, purely intellectual.

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