Get to the Point!

Abortion Conversations– At What Point Does the Unborn Gain Rights? from Evan Davis on Vimeo.

I’ll be the first to admit that my performance in this clip could be snappier. In short, I rambled and didn’t let her talk. Consequently, I think things weren’t as productive for this pro-choice advocate as they could have been. I gave her a lot of opportunity to clarify her view, but about too many things. Okay, I’ve beat the thing up with criticism. Now, you find something positive about it and post it in the comments:)


  1. what i get out of this is that the girl doesn't really know what she believes and spends her efforts defending a weak position. What’s positive for me is that you engaged her in a way that forced her to talk through what her view was …and it wasn’t consistent. hopefully, she and others listening will be forced to go home and think about it more.

    By the way, these videos you post have been the most helpful of ALL pro-life training material beyond the initial basics. Every time I see one of these videos I am reminded that I don’t have to try to win the argument.. I can try to find common ground and ask questions to seek clarification. And, this is true discipleship – you are literally showing us how to engage people. It’s much more helpful than just reading about it! Thank you for your work!

    Lately I’ve heard the “pro-life people should be forced to adopt all these children” more often that I would have expected. It’s shocking.

  2. Your first question was really good – and it caught her off-guard, because she eventually states there should be no abortions after 8 weeks! (She also thought the only thing being aborted was the uterus lining…which opened up some doors for great questions.)

    The other great thing you did was used direct reference to solid embryology texts, but that might have been too heavy for her. She didn't come back and ask you about them.

    Steve – the process you have here – recorded conversation and then review is really good. It's a very useful tool, and I would really like to see more of this kind of engagement/exercise, because it's stirring questions and raising doubts in pro-choicers.

  3. russellandduenes · · Reply

    I think you did an admirable job. You built as much common ground as possible, and it seems clear that at the end of it all, the young woman really was not concerned with the question of whether a 2 week old embryo is, in fact, a human being. It's kind of like talking with someone about Bible difficulties, and at some point stopping and asking, “What if all the difficulties were cleared up to YOUR satisfaction? Would you want to believe in Jesus then?” And the answer would be, “No.” I think you moved on at the right time, and hopefully the young woman will be a bit reflective and perhaps meditate on her own responses and re-think them, by the grace of God.

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