Watch This…Tuesday 8/25/09

Have you been turned off by apologetics in the past? Do you wonder if anyone really needs it? Are you unsure of what the word means at all?

My friends Sean McDowell and Brett Kunkle are doing a live stream discussion on the need for engaging people in our culture in an intelligent, gracious, relevant way. They’ll be making the case that apologetics is very relevant to youth today, even though some have suggested the postmodern culture makes it unnecessary or ineffective. Don’t miss this.

The centerpiece of the discussion is the book Sean edited, for which both Brett and I wrote chapters: Apologetics for a New Generation. Conversant Life is giving away pdf versions for free for the 24 hours after the simulcast. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a free book that will help you engage your culture!

The day? This coming Tuesday. Mark your calendars.

See all the details HERE.

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