All Hands on Deck!


Want to help Justice For All train thousands to make abortion unthinkable, but feel like the small amount of money or time you have to give won’t make a difference? Now, only $10 and friend networking could help JFA in a BIG way.

Here’s how: America’s 2009 Giving Challenge is on. $170,000 in prizes will be awarded. JFA’s Facebook Cause “Make Abortion Unthinkable” has entered the race. The Challenge ends on November 6 (in 25 days).

Who wins? The Causes who organize their networks to achieve the greatest number of unique daily donations ($10 minimum per gift).

In other words, if 1 person gives 1 gift of at least $10 each day for 10 days, the contest logs 1 gift for each day and 10 total gifts.

Here’s how you can help:

(1) Give $10 to “Make Abortion Unthinkable” (your gift benefits Justice For All)
(2) Encourage 3 friends to do (1) and (2).
(3) Do (1) and/or (2) as many days as you are able between now and November 6.


(See The Fine Print in a subsequent post for detailed instructions and specific days we’re targeting.)

JFA is within 12 donations of being the leader for the $50,000 grand prize!

Will you help Make Abortion Unthinkable?

Your friend,

“Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can only do a little.” –Edmund Burke

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