How the Facebook Cause Contest Helps JFA Accomplish Its Training Mission

Note: This post refers to the Facebook Cause Challenge: America’s 2009 Giving Challenge. Help JFA today!

Money … enables JFA to pay for travel, salaries, and operating expenses so JFA trainers can train students to make abortion unthinkable, one person at a time.
Networking … helps JFA connect with people who can enroll in JFA’s training program or support the mission with time, talent, or treasure.
Publicity … Creates Dialogue. JFA’s “Make Abortion Unthinkable” mission is visible to thousands of people in thousands of Causes (nearly 4,000 have entered the Challenge) whenever our cause wins a daily challenge or is in the top list for the $1000 daily or $50,000 overall competition. Facebook boasts that 100 million people log on to Facebook at least once per day!
It’s simple. When people see “Make Abortion Unthinkable” in the lead, since our mission is our Cause name, they’re much more likely to talk about abortion.
Indeed, last year, we were able use the Facebook environment to create dialogue with people who opposed our cause. This year, members of one cause have already used our Cause to motivate their donors to give (“Please, don’t let the anti-abortion folks win. Support [our Cause]”).

Helping us keep “Make Abortion Unthinkable” in the lead gives more people more opportunities to grapple with the importance of the abortion question for millions of families around the world.

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