Wagner Baby Born at Home on December 29!

Here’s a picture of the baby (we haven’t named her yet) getting her footprints taken about an hour after the birth.


  1. congratulations! we have a girl due in May.

    No name yet??

  2. Congratulations at the birth of your sweet baby girl! I'm happy to hear all is well.

    Love and blessings,
    Lisa Stiefken

  3. that's great news. What a way to start a new year! It must have had something to do with last year's banana flambe! Is the castle still available? You might just need the extra space for your new one. -Ron & Tina Thompson

  4. Steve and Rebeccah-praise the Lord all is well and she is healthy. Hope to see you all this year. Sending our love and prayers from PA!

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