Josh Brahm and Steve Wagner Un…er…plugged into your iPod

Josh Brahm recently posted an hour-long chat we recorded back in November. Here’s what he said about it:

“I apologize for the length of this episode, but trust me, it’s well worth it! Steve Wagner from Justice For All and I have an indepth discussion on the following topics:

  • Steve’s book, “Common Ground Without Compromise;”
  • The difficulties of dialoguing with people online;
  • Why we shouldn’t use the terms “biogenesis” and “brainwaves” anymore;
  • Why it takes so much time and effort to communicate well with those that are different from us;
  • Steve’s thoughts on the personhood versus incrementalism debate, how BOTH sides have sophisticated arguments, and how they should treat each other.

Related Links:

  • Steve referred to Hadley Arkes’ book, “Natural Rights and the Right to Choose.” Buy it on
  • This is the website Josh referred to with the personhood video implying that the incrementalist’s hands are covered in blood.

Note from Josh: Steve and I recorded this conversation last November. Towards the end of our discussion we talk about the personhood vs. incrementalism debate, and I made the comment that I’ve seen a lot of harsh criticisms like “you’re not really pro-life if that’s your strategy,” and that they’ve mostly come from one side of the equation, the personhood side. That has been true from my personal experiences, but I just had a phone conversation with Walter Hoye who is part of a personhood campaign in California, and he told me that he’s heard many equally harsh things said to him by incrementalists. I’m disturbed when these kind of comments are made by both sides, and now that I have evidence that they’re coming from incrementalists too, I wanted to correct the record, and as always on our podcast, stay fair to both sides.”

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