Monthly Archives: October 2010

Protesters at CSU

Jill Stanek recently noted the Rocky Mountain Collegian’s coverage of our recent outreach event (and the protesters it drew). Here’s my comment: Although the paper reported only 6 protesters, there were actually more throughout the day. I estimate the number was more like 30. The folks who were a committed presence all day probably numbered […]

Open Mic from University of Nebraska

I’m hoping to post audio from JFA’s recent open mic session at University of Nebraska soon. Let me know in the comments section if you’re interested in hearing it.

Nuts and Bolts of Good Dialogue

Check out this latest show from the folks at Life Report. It’s a very helpful discussion of how we can integrate our concern for the unborn with our genuine concern for the pro-choice advocate we want to reach. Life Report is regular food for thought on my mental table. I highly recommended you make it […]