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Abortions in China: 13 million a year?

If this MSNBC story is correct, China may have 10 times the number of abortions as the U.S. (13 million versus 1.3 million), while it’s population is about 4.3 times the population of the U.S. (1,331,460,000 versus 307,006,550).

"Rather than keeping quiet as before, I fully engaged in the conversation."

I’m a bi-vocational pastor.  In addition to my ministry responsibilities, I teach K-5 music in an elementary school.  At church, people value my insight on moral and spiritual issues.  At school, my thoughts are just the opinions of another teacher.  Because of this I feel the same fear as others when engaging in conversations about […]

Ruba’s Law – A Good Response to Godwin’s Law

JoJo Ruba from CCBR wrote a great post yesterday on responding to people who misuse Godwin’s Law to shut down discussion of injustice…rather than promote good discussion (as Godwin originally intended).