One JFA Mentor in Action (February Newsletter)

I’ve just returned from eleven days on the road with the JFA team in Arizona. I’ll share highlights in my next newsletter. Because of the deadline this month, I’m encouraging you to read a piece written by my colleague Jacob Nels, JFA’s Regional Account Manager in Georgia.

Anytime I have the opportunity to send you another JFA staffer’s writing, I’m excited. Their stories illustrate my most important task at JFA: shepherding our team of mentors from around the country as they develop their dialogue skills and work to pass on those skills to our volunteers. I want you to meet the enthusiastic people God has placed in my care at JFA and see the impact your gifts and prayers are having on their lives and work.

Jacob’s “Unexpected Turnaround at Kennesaw State,” is the first in a new series of JFA articles called The Conversation. This series will share JFA’s dialogue tools in bite-sized pieces through stories illustrating how our team helps people rethink their position on abortion. Click the link above or the graphic to the right to read the piece.

Jacob and his wife Brit have quickly become close friends of Rebeccah and me. We love their humble, no-nonsense, shoot-straight personalities, as well as their heart for God and people. They also love apologetics and have two toddling girls, just like we do.

Please pray for Jacob and Brit as they raise their financial support. Jacob continues to work as a carpenter but has had to turn down some well-paying jobs recently because they wouldn’t afford him enough time to raise support.

Jacob and Brit are based in Georgia, so they lack the day-to-day encouragement our staff have in the Wichita office. Let’s pray that God will provide the needed funds and encouragement by His Spirit so that Jacob can quit his carpentry job and work full time with JFA building ambassadors for Christ. Thanks for helping me mentor Jacob. We desperately need him and many others like him that he will train in the coming years. When you read Jacob’s Conversation, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Other Links: Steve Wagner’s February Newsletter pdf

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