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What Percentage of Spina Bifida Kids Are Aborted?

Because of the sophistication of ultrasound and other prenatal diagnostic techniques, doctors can diagnose certain disabling conditions prior to birth with a fair amount of accuracy.  Spina bifida is one of those conditions.  In a recent newsletter, I relayed the testimony of one young man with spina bifida at the University of Texas at San […]

“Where Is God If We Can’t See Him?”

Last night I asked my three-year-old who would keep her safe.  She said Daddy, Mama…and for good measure she added herself and her little sister to the list.  I asked, “Who else?”  She said, “God!”  I said something like, “Even though you can’t see Him, He loves you.  He’ll keep you safe.” With just a […]

Surprise, Surprise. Another Vague Poll.

NPR and Thomson Reuters took a poll recently that “showed” that a majority believes abortion is morally wrong (59%), and that a majority (54%) believes abortion restrictions should either stay the same as they are or be eased.  Keep in mind that the questions asked didn’t specify the type of abortion, timing of the abortion, […]

Open Mic at UTSA (March 30, 2011) – Listen to the Discussion!

Below, I’ve posted the audio from the Open Mic session I facilitated (with some help from JFA Intern, Claire Rice) on March 30, 2011 at UTSA.  You can listen in to the discussion; then, join the discussion by posting your thoughts in the comments section.  (For more on my approach to Open Mic, see my […]

False Memories of Eating Popcorn

I heard about this recent study (to be published in October 2011) over the weekend on an NPR game show and decided I had to see if it was for real.  The study claims to have shown that sometimes certain kinds of advertising can actually make people believe they’ve tried the product that’s being advertised. […]


“There are some who complain of a man for doing nothing; there are some, still more mysterious and amazing, who complain of having nothing to do.”  – G.K. Chesterton, Autobiography, X: Friendship and Foolery (First Paragraph)