“Where Is God If We Can’t See Him?”

Last night I asked my three-year-old who would keep her safe.  She said Daddy, Mama…and for good measure she added herself and her little sister to the list.  I asked, “Who else?”  She said, “God!”  I said something like, “Even though you can’t see Him, He loves you.  He’ll keep you safe.”

With just a moment’s pause, she said, “Where is God if we can’t see him?”

Perhaps I was tired or was just touched that my three-year-old has gotten to the stage of asking these sorts of questions (I’ve been waiting over three years for this, actually!), but I didn’t know what to say.  I started a sentence and then stumbled and started again and stumbled again.  I ended up with something like “You know how sometimes if I’m out in the hall or something, you can know I’m here even though you can’t see me?  It’s a little bit like that with God.”  But I felt this response left a bit to be desired.  I didn’t really answer her question, for example.

So, I’m still looking for a good way to discuss “where God is” even though we can’t see him.

One comment

  1. Israel just asked that question today during story time. I also fumbled for words and came up with an unsatisfactory reply, not nearly as profound as I had wanted. She just paused for moment, deep in thought, and said, “Oh. Ok Momma. Keep reading, please.”

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