71% Say Abortion Should NOT Be Legal…

…in the second trimester, according to Gallup’s 2011 poll.  (See Page 11, Question 21.) (68% said abortion should be illegal in the second trimester in Gallup’s 2003 poll).

86% say abortion should not be legal in the third trimester (compared to 84% in Gallup’s 2003 poll).

Gallup also found some interesting common ground on certain reasons for abortion (see Q. 20 in the data):

There’s still very little support for abortion when the reason is “I can’t afford a child.” (61% think it should be illegal.)  There’s less support than in 2003 for keeping it legal to kill an unborn child with a physical disability (45% in 2011 think it should be illegal vs. 37% in 2003) or mental disability (46% in 2011 think it should be illegal vs. 39% in 2003).

And, there’s still widespread support for keeping abortion legal in the case of rape (75%) and when the mother’s life is in danger (83%).

Sadly, Gallup didn’t combine specificity on the timing of abortion with specificity on the reasons for abortion, as it did in 2003.  (See the data here.)  For more on this, see Question 11 in Common Ground Without Compromise (available for free at www.commongroundbook.com for a limited time).

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