Feet Work Changed My Life (w/ Links)

Do you remember your first JFA outreach event, or the first time you purposefully set out to start conversations in hopes of changing hearts and minds about abortion?  For me, that first day was in June 2002.  Read in my July 2014 newsletter, Feet Work Changed My Life, which describes how that day and the many outreach days that followed it changed my life and changed my approach to training.  The letter includes two pictures from the early years, but for nostalgia’s sake, I thought I’d add the pictures the pictures that didn’t make the cut below.  They are from my first JFA outreach event back in 2002.  In one, if you look closely, you can even find JFA founder David Lee.

In my letter, I mention STR, Greg Koukl, LTI, Scott Klusendorf, upcoming events, and JFA Volunteer Reflections.  Here are links to all of these and more: 
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