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Abortion at the Gas Pump (w/Links to Extras)

What takes the most courage regarding discussing abortion?  Perhaps you resonate with this: The hardest part of the conversation, the beginning, was behind me.  Even if Alex’s response had been the opposite, that “abortion is a woman’s choice,” I would have already landed myself squarely in the middle of the abortion conversation. This is an […]

JFA Fall 2014 Events Update – September

September at a Glance (12/30/2014 Update: October-November Pictures Update; December Update Roundup)  OSU, 9/8-9/10 — Click the image to go to gallery. The JFA Team completed two training projects in September, centered around the campuses of Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the University of Kansas (KU).   We had challenges with our space reservations on […]

More Labor Days

JFA volunteer Tricia participated in our Spring Break mission trip earlier this year and shared this reflection: “My favorite conversation was with a girl who wasn’t really sure what she thought. It was really cool just to talk through it all with her. As we talked, she realized how much sense it made that the […]