Abortion at the Gas Pump (w/Links to Extras)

What takes the most courage regarding discussing abortion?  Perhaps you resonate with this:

The hardest part of the conversation, the beginning, was behind me.  Even if Alex’s response had been the opposite, that “abortion is a woman’s choice,” I would have already landed myself squarely in the middle of the abortion conversation.

This is an excerpt of my September letter, which tells the story of how one simple sentence in an everyday conversation with a stranger at a gas station led to a meaningful exchange about how to stop abortion.

Extras: More examples of Starting Conversations in Everyday Life

  • In Earn Trust First…Then Defend the Unborn, Steve Wagner describes how in the course of normal conversation at Costco, a young professional asked him to tell her all about his pro-life position.
  • In A Transient, a Teenager, and a Cup of Tea, Joanna Wagner describes how a simple act of kindness to a beggar ended up changing a teenage girl’s mind on abortion.
  • In Beefy’s on the Green, JFA trainers describe how a passion for the lost turned a conversation about theology at a San Antonio restaurant into a conversation about God and abortion with others on the restaurant patio.
  • In Repeat Work in Science Class, nursing student (and JFA Intern Alumnus) Laura Beeson shows us how she was able to not only bring up abortion with a classmate in Anatomy and then wisely and naturally share abortion images.  The result was amazing.

Extras: Recent and Upcoming JFA Events (September Update)

(Updated 2/24/2015 with link to “Repeat Work in Science Class”)

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