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ISIS: A Reflection

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about the ISIS crisis, and specifically the plight of Christians watching their children being beheaded.  I’m expecting many pro-life groups will want to comment and “put this in perspective” and start talking numbers.  “A few kids being killed in Iraq is bad, but abortion is badder,” is essentially the […]

Thanksgiving 2014 Newsletter (JFA 2014 Report) + Extras

I recently posted my Thanksgiving 2014 newsletter, which doubles as JFA’s 2014 Report:  JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an “Easy Escape” Here are the links I share at the end of the letter:  Give to JFA (Online/Mail/Phone/Etc): Your generous end-of-year gift to JFA’s Training Program Fund will keep JFA staff in the field providing face-to-face […]

JFA Fall 2014 Events – Update #2 (Pictures)

See some of JFA’s recent events in pictures:  Wichita State (Wichita, KS): Oct. 2014 (click image for gallery) University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK): Oct. 2014 (click image for gallery) Fort Hays State (Fort Hays, KS): Nov. 2014 (click image for gallery) Kennesaw State University: Nov. 2014 (click image for gallery) Georgia State University: Nov. 2014 […]

JFA – 2014 in Numbers

For a reflection from one of the people represented by these numbers, see JFA’s 2014 Report, “JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an “Easy Escape.” Seat Work Events: 33Seat Work Participants: 625 Feet Work (Campus Outreach) Days: 48 (divided between 29 distinct projects)Feet Work Participants (New)**: 326Returning Feet Work (in days)^^: 222 Outreach Venues: 19GA: Univ. of […] – JFA can be your charity!

If you shop at regularly, you can help JFA a little bit just by starting your shopping instead at Amazon’s portal dedicated to helping charities,  Select Justice For All as your charity.  The portal experience and prices are exactly the same as Here are details from the website. Note: Amazon Smile sends […]