JFA – 2014 in Numbers

For a reflection from one of the people represented by these numbers, see JFA’s 2014 Report, “JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an “Easy Escape.”

Seat Work Events: 33
Seat Work Participants: 625

Feet Work (Campus Outreach) Days: 48 (divided between 29 distinct projects)
Feet Work Participants (New)**: 326
Returning Feet Work (in days)^^: 222

Outreach Venues: 19
GA: Univ. of Georgia*
GA: Georgia State Univ. (Atlanta)**
GA: Kennesaw State Univ. (Kennesaw, GA) ^
AZ: Arizona State Univ.*
TX: Univ. of North Texas*
TX: Texas Women’s Univ.^
OK: Oklahoma State Univ. (Stillwater,OK)*
OK: Univ. of Oklahoma^
OK: Univ. of Central Oklahoma^
KS: Univ. of Kansas*^
KS: Fort Hays State Univ.^
KS: Wichita State Univ.^
KS: Wichita Downtown Areas^
CO: Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs^
LA: Louisiana State Univ.^
CA: Fresno City College^
CA: Fresno State Univ.^
OK: Yukon Freedom Fest^
Presentations/Workshops: 27
Presentations/Workshops Attendance: 735
* Big Exhibit
^ Kiosk/Poll Table/Surveys
** Probably our most important metric, this number represents how many people completed both parts of JFA’s signature training program: Seat Work & Feet Work.  We call these folks JFA alumni.
^^ Because JFA outreach events regularly attract our volunteers for multiple days a year, we don’t count how many people return to do more Feet Work.  We count how many days were spent at outreach by these returning folks.  This number is approximate.

Thanks to Joanna Wagner for compiling JFA’s numbers and keeping them accurate!

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