Thanksgiving 2014 Newsletter (JFA 2014 Report) + Extras

I recently posted my Thanksgiving 2014 newsletter, which doubles as JFA’s 2014 Report: 
Here are the links I share at the end of the letter: 

Give to JFA (Online/Mail/Phone/Etc):
Your generous end-of-year gift to JFA’s Training Program Fund will keep JFA staff in the field providing face-to-face training for hundreds of pro-life advocates like McKinsey in 2015. This fund covers many of the expenses JFA trainers incur, including flights, rental cars, food during travel, office space, phone, computer, internet, and printing of materials.

Your generous end-of-year gift to support a JFA staff member’s work with JFA also keeps mentors in the field training pro-life advocates: these funds are used to pay salaries and salary-related expenses.

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