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On Scribbles and False Beliefs: Are They Beautiful?

In my Christmas letter, I made the point that we should value a person’s false beliefs in much the same way I appreciate the scribbled art my kids offer to me. I am not saying that false ideas are beautiful or intrinsically valuable when abstracted from their owner.  Surely not.  The woman’s claim that her […]

When You Fall Off Your High Horse, Don’t Get Off the Horse Altogether

Yesterday I shouted at my daughter in such a way that I am ashamed to admit it.  I had certainly fallen off my high horse of feeling like a good parent (again).  But I also felt like getting off the horse of “good parenting” altogether, both hating myself for getting it wrong and thinking I’ll […]

What Adam Was Doing Right

When you read the story of JFA’s volunteer “Adam” in my Christmas letter, you may be tempted to heap scorn on him for missing an important opportunity to minister to a woman in need.  That’s the opposite of the right response, in my view.  I think Adam was doing exactly the right thing, at least […]

My "Don’t Be Like Me" Story(s) – Lest We Get Cocky

It’s important to note when you read my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, that Adam is not alone in making the mistake he made.  I’ve made very similar mistakes, if not precisely the same mistake.  My October 2003 letter, She Had Concerns, But I Wasn’t Listening, tells one such story, and then relates […]

2014: A Snapshot in Recent Letters, Posts, and Pics

Here are links to recent JFA letters, blog posts, and pics: 2014 Year-End Report: JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an “Easy Escape” 2014 Year-End Report – Extras, including a post on ISIS Steve’s Christmas Letter: A Tale of Two Gifts A Tale of Two Gifts – Extras, including Steve’s “Don’t Be Like Me” Story November 2014 […]

A Tale of Two Gifts (Christmas Letter + Extras)

One woman’s tears began to fall near our poll table. The other’s fell all over the feet of an extraordinary man. Only one of the women received the care she needed. And one of our volunteers got a gift he’ll never forget.   In my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, I share these […]