My "Don’t Be Like Me" Story(s) – Lest We Get Cocky

It’s important to note when you read my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, that Adam is not alone in making the mistake he made.  I’ve made very similar mistakes, if not precisely the same mistake.  My October 2003 letter, She Had Concerns, But I Wasn’t Listening, tells one such story, and then relates another conversation story (featuring my friend and JFA’s founder, David Lee) that helped me grow as a listener.  Indeed, it’s only through experiences like the ones I related in this letter that I was able to see something Adam didn’t see in the interaction with the woman at the poll table.  (And now, Adam is likewise more able to see.)

Note: I wrote the October 2003 letter while a speaker at Stand to Reason.  I’m grateful for the resources and team at STR and for the time I spent as a Bioethics Speaker there.

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