“Better than Saying Nothing”

Volunteer Charity Boaz had planned “to let others do the talking.”  Seeing a young man looking at the Justice For All Exhibit alone, though, caused her to gather up her courage.  Afterwards, she wrote,

I decided someone had to talk to him, and it looked like it was going to be me.  I was so nervous.  We talked for a good 15 minutes and the guy seemed like he was really listening.

I think at that point I realized I didn’t need all the answers; and if I helped someone just get one step closer to being pro-life that was better than saying nothing.

The next morning on her way to a second day of outreach at Georgia Tech, Charity had another unforgettable conversation, this time on a MARTA train.  To find out what happened, read JFA’s Janaury Impact Report, entitled “Charity on the Metro” (www.jfaweb.org/Impact/Metro).


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