Almost 100% Commit to Repeat Work in Arizona

JFA’s training team mentored 44 students and one teacher from St. Mary’s Catholic High School and Bourgade Catholic High School in the Phoenix area.  All but a few of these students committed to create a conversation about abortion in their everyday lives (what JFA calls “Repeat Work”) after volunteering with us during the ASU campus outreach.  The trainers also trained students from the pro-life student club at ASU and other community members to reach out to the students at ASU for two days of Feet Work (outreach).

Here are thoughts from three students after the outreach:

“I am a naturally shy person who avoids conflict whenever possible, so this outreach was something that was completely outside of my comfort zone. I would not have even known how to begin a conversation with someone about abortion if it was not for the training. The training gave me conversational tools, and gave me confidence to use them whenever possible. The training was extremely helpful, but it was the knowledge that I had thousands of people at my back willing to support this cause that allowed me to give my all for the outreach program.”

“My day at ASU has opened my eyes. I had always thought that people were heartless because they were pro-choice. But I had never guessed that some did not even know what abortion was or how it worked. I had talked to some students who said that they were all about women having a choice. However I showed them what women had a choice to do, which to kill an innocent baby in violent ways. I am glad that I was able to help people come to the realization that babies are humans and not just a blob of cells.”

“I would say that after the outreach I really thought more about the influence I have on people and how me just bringing up the subject could influence a lot in their lives. JFA really made me realize that I need to be more confident in being able to speak my opinion on the subject because it could have a bigger impact than I know. Overall, I am so thankful I got to be a part of such an amazing outreach, and I am looking forward to [seeing] what else I am able to do in the future with Justice For All.”

JFA trainers also prepared volunteers in Tucson to create dialogue at the University of Arizona through a Seat Work (seminar) event and two days of Feet Work (outreach).

Catherine Wurts teaches students from St. Mary’s and Bourgade to use the Justice For All Exhibit to create dialogue on abortion.

Rebecca Haschke and a student interact at Arizona State University

Rebecca Haschke interacts with students at the University of Arizona

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