7 Days of Outreach in 3 Weeks in KS and GA (Late February / Early March JFA Update)

JFA trainers led three Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue seminars (Seat Work) in Georgia in early March.  A total of 46 attended.  The team led 5 days of outreach to Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia in Athens.  Seven attended outreach for the first time, and volunteers from previous events also joined the team to change hearts at these two universities (15 “days” logged).

JFA’s Kansas Regional Team led 11 people through one seminar in Wichita and led two days of outreach at Wichita State University, with four seminar participants attending outreach for the first time.  Three others from past outreach events joined the team to create conversations.  The Kansas Team also gave five presentations to a total of 120 students at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Wichita.

See pictures from events in both of these regions by clicking the galleries below.

Steve’s March Letter: “Wait!  I Think I Can Help!” (A True Story of Common Ground)

Other Recent JFA Event Updates: JFA’s January and Early February Events (2015)

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