My Top Five from the Past Five

Since 2015, most of my writing has been posted at the Justice For All blog and website.  To bring this space more up to date, here are “my top five from the past five” with a few comments about why:

  1. It’s Her Body – A Series of Reflections (August 2018) – If I’ve written anything important for the pro-life movement since I wrote a book on common ground in 2008, it’s this series.  In my view, we have missed one of the most obvious and simple responses to one of the most common arguments for keeping abortion legal.  If pro-life people hope to ever persuade most pro-choice people, they need to digest the surprisingly simple ideas in this series.
  2. Why I Love Siberians (August 2017) – One of the most important things we can say to someone who holds a different view on abortion or God or the Bible or any serious matter is “I understand what you’re experiencing…or at least I’m trying to understand.”  This is my attempt to understand people who don’t identify with early embryos as fellow members of the human community.
  3. Clueless in the Face of a Great Gift? (Dec. 2016)  A misinformed comment on a JFA free speech board leads to a reflection for Christmas.
  4. One Humble Phone Call Saved Manhattan (Feb. 2018)  Just as the hero of this story thought for years that a humble phone call to a lofty structural engineer made no impact, so also we have no idea if our actions on behalf of Christ and unborn children are making any difference.  This letter calls us to trust God anyway.
  5. Is There a More Important Question than the Voting Question? (Oct. 2016)  I gave my advice to our readers and supporters shortly before the 2016 presidential election.

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