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Post at JFA: Raw from the Fallout of Dobbs?

See my short reflection at the JFA Blog: “Raw from the Fallout of Dobbs?”

Create or consume?

I think at the center of the person at the start of the day, there is a question: Do you create or consume? Then moment for moment, task for task, thought for thought, movement of the hands for movement of the hands, that choice confronts me again: will I create or consume. Have you heard […]

The Discipline of Humility

I’d like to suggest a simple discipline that would really help all of us in the midst of the events of the past few months (discussions of race and police brutality, debates over the 2020 Presidential Election, the January 6 events in Washington, D.C., etc). It’s a habit formed and strengthened over thousands of purposeful […]

More charity

this regret borders on chagrin when we find that Men of abilities—zealous patriots—having the same general objects in view, and the same up-right intentions to prosecute them, will not exercise more charity in deciding on the opinions, & actions of one another. George Washington, in a letter to Hamilton, 1792 Here are the two paragraphs […]

My Top Five from the Past Five

Since 2015, most of my writing has been posted at the Justice For All blog and website.  To bring this space more up to date, here are “my top five from the past five” with a few comments about why: It’s Her Body – A Series of Reflections (August 2018) – If I’ve written anything […]

Good Example of a Bad Habit

In a New York Times Op-Ed today, “Slavery Thrived on Compromise, John Kelly,” Kashana Cauley gives us a good example of a very bad habit that plagues many conversations: equivocation.  (Equivocation is the use of a word in two ways in the midst of an argument in which the argument gets some or all of […]

Humanity in Motion

I appreciated the picture of humans responding to disaster that concludes this short description of the Mexico City earthquake, “Living in Mexico City Is a Perpetual Dare.”  It’s overwhelming to read the news these past two months, with major hurricanes causing major flooding in Houston, Louisiana, Florida, and elsewhere.  We saw the wreckage of those […]

Suggestion to Myself as a Parent #3

A walk in the forest with the kids is a good time to pray for them.

New Official JFA Blog

From now on, I’ll be posting updates about JFA’s work at JFA’s new blog:

Suggestion for myself as a parent #2

Stop trying to understand Twitter, at least for a moment.  Pray for my wife and our kids instead.