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Human or Statistic? Do we know what percentage of Down syndrome kids are killed by abortion?

How many children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are subsequently killed by abortion?  (This is usually called a “termination rate.”) J.L. Natoli and colleagues published in 2012 the best estimate available on this question.  It’s a systematic literature review, rather than a study with original data.  [J.L. Natoli, et. al. Prenatal diagnosis of Down […]

What Percentage of Spina Bifida Kids Are Aborted?

Because of the sophistication of ultrasound and other prenatal diagnostic techniques, doctors can diagnose certain disabling conditions prior to birth with a fair amount of accuracy.  Spina bifida is one of those conditions.  In a recent newsletter, I relayed the testimony of one young man with spina bifida at the University of Texas at San […]