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A Tale of Two Gifts (Christmas Letter + Extras)

One woman’s tears began to fall near our poll table. The other’s fell all over the feet of an extraordinary man. Only one of the women received the care she needed. And one of our volunteers got a gift he’ll never forget.   In my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, I share these […]

"Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty." Good advice?

Regarding women and men who have participated in abortion, I’ve heard some pro-life advocates say “Don’t make them feel guilty.” I think the sentiment that’s usually behind this statement is helpful, but I think it can be easily misunderstood when it’s expressed this way. There are two possible meanings of “Don’t make them feel guilty.” […]

False Memories of Eating Popcorn

I heard about this recent study (to be published in October 2011) over the weekend on an NPR game show and decided I had to see if it was for real.  The study claims to have shown that sometimes certain kinds of advertising can actually make people believe they’ve tried the product that’s being advertised. […]

Why Is There a Wall?

July 2009 Newsletter (link) Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you had good intellectual arguments for your beliefs, but the person you were talking to just wouldn’t listen? Did you feel like a wall had gone up that you couldn’t get past? I’ve felt that many times. My conversation with […]