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While I was dragging my feet all over this hillside, my daughter wanted to know what I was writing.  When I said, “Humans matter more…,” she asked, “More than what?” We began discussing it.  She decided humans matter more than animals.  Then she said, “And humans and animals matter more than guns.”  And then she […]

Tips for Being Present, Part 3: Being Present to Family and Friends

Confine computers to a special room so that you’re not tempted to “check your email” or “google something” when the most important people in your life wait for your attention. Look the person in the eyes. Verbalize if you’re thinking about something or processing something (or even obsessing over something) so that this important person […]

Tips for Being Present, Part 2: Being Present in Conversations on Important Topics

Don’t worry about forgetting your thought.  If it’s important, God will help you remember it later. Don’t look at your cell phone.  If you are expecting an important call, let the person know up front. Set the expectation and do what’s necessary so that you might continue the conversation in the future.  If you can […]

Is America Better Off than India in Terms of Human Rights?

I’m really proud of my sister Joanna. Her article comparing India’s human rights situation and America’s (“First, Look in the Mirror”) was published today on the internet paper* She’s spot-on. Note how she focuses on common ground almost everyone accepts, that Indians shouldn’t allow or promote the killing of female fetuses just because they’re […]

Are You Losing Sleep?

See why I’m not losing sleep, and what I’m doing to start. My September/October 2009 newsletter will help you join our growing community of determined insomniacs.

Get to the Point! Abortion Conversations– At What Point Does the Unborn Gain Rights? from Evan Davis on Vimeo. I’ll be the first to admit that my performance in this clip could be snappier. In short, I rambled and didn’t let her talk. Consequently, I think things weren’t as productive for this pro-choice advocate as they could have […]

"Even as we think we’re doing good"

President Obama’s words at a slave trading post in Ghana should be sobering for all of us. I assume he intends the warning not just for others, but also for himself. God, please help all of us see those actions (including inaction or tolerance) we intend for good, but are actually evil. Sometimes we can […]

Does Interaction Make a Person?

On Friday, I posted a video by an autistic person who shared her unique form of interacting with the environment as evidence that she is also a thinking person. I affirmed how the video emphasizes a basic principle of communication: see it from the other person’s perspective. I’m troubled, though, by one of the woman’s […]