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ISIS: A Reflection

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about the ISIS crisis, and specifically the plight of Christians watching their children being beheaded.  I’m expecting many pro-life groups will want to comment and “put this in perspective” and start talking numbers.  “A few kids being killed in Iraq is bad, but abortion is badder,” is essentially the […]

Favorites: The Mud

In May of 2010, Lizzie, a student at Focus Leadership Institute, made a remarkable decision.  While her friends decided to play Frisbee in the shadow of the Justice For All Exhibit, she decided to jump in the mud.  This newsletter tells the story. May 2010: The Mud (Will You Wait or Jump In?) (Note: This post […]

Favorites: Bryndan Gets the Picture

In the spring of 2012, I spoke with Bryndan at Fresno City College.  He changed his mind about abortion in the case of rape within a matter of moments.  This newsletter describes how. June 2012: Bryndan Gets the Picture (Note: This post is part of an ongoing series in which I’m posting a few of my […]