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False Memories of Eating Popcorn

I heard about this recent study (to be published in October 2011) over the weekend on an NPR game show and decided I had to see if it was for real. ┬áThe study claims to have shown that sometimes certain kinds of advertising can actually make people believe they’ve tried the product that’s being advertised. […]

On Federalist 15

Had the pleasure of reading Federalist 15 (by Publius, or Alexander Hamilton, and originally published December 1, 1787) this evening. It got me to wondering: What would have happened had the Constitution never been ratified and the separate States never created a federal government with teeth in it (one subject of this essay). As the […]

Why Is There a Wall?

July 2009 Newsletter (link) Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you had good intellectual arguments for your beliefs, but the person you were talking to just wouldn’t listen? Did you feel like a wall had gone up that you couldn’t get past? I’ve felt that many times. My conversation with […]