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Josh Brahm and Steve Wagner Un…er…plugged into your iPod

Josh Brahm recently posted an hour-long chat we recorded back in November. Here’s what he said about it: “I apologize for the length of this episode, but trust me, it’s well worth it! Steve Wagner from Justice For All and I have an indepth discussion on the following topics: Steve’s book, “Common Ground Without Compromise;” […]

The Most Important Thing I’ve Said All Year

I think the second half of my interview with Josh Brahm on Life Report contains probably the most important thing I’ve said all year. Listen to the 19-minute segment and see if you can guess what I’m referring to. Then post your thoughts in the comments section.

In Trouble as a Child…and other Thoughts

Josh Brahm interviewed me recently for the exceptional Life Report Podcast (I highly recommend Josh and this podcast!). In the interview, I answer his standard questions for “pro-life celebrities,” including confessing my childhood mishief. Click the link to listen! (This segment is 34 minutes.)