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Can Ten Seconds Change Minds?

It all started at 1:40 AM at a stoplight on Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach, California.  My July newsletter tells what happened there and how one good thing that came of it was a sound bite that is still making an impact on how people think about abortion 13 years later.  The short letter, Ten […]

We Can’t Wait (in More Ways than One)

After twenty minutes with a JFA trainer, Amanda shared a JFA Brochure with a friend who decided not to kill her child (“Lucy” in the photo).  After one hour in a presentation with a JFA trainer last month, Emma and her sister went to talk to kids in the park.  Their mom said, They said […]


Here’s the scene at UCLA’s Bruin Walk on JFA’s second day of outreach in early June.  JFA staff and volunteers set up five tables inviting people to dialogue with us (one of them is down the walk to the left of the frame).  As you can see, one-to-one conversations were happening at every table.  JFA was invited […]

A Slice in Time

When I reviewed the photos from JFA’s recent outreach event at the University of Kansas, I was especially encouraged and struck by the photo above.  My brief May newsletter decodes the photo, discusses why it’s special, and explains JFA’s passion for…More Conversations.

“I Couldn’t Stop…”

Most of us have fears about discussing abortion.  Corrie was no different.  She recently attended a mission trip that JFA led for Christian Heritage Academy‘s Salt and Light program.  Here’s what she said about the outreach to the University of Oklahoma: I was terrified to talk to anyone, and made a goal to talk to just […]

JFA Team at the University of Kansas (and Benedictine College, etc)

The JFA Team just returned from two days of outreach to the University of Kansas, along with seminar events at Benedictine College and a community seminar in Lawrence, Kansas.  The events are illustrated in the gallery below, which you can access by clicking the picture or link.  In the picture below, JFA training specialist Jeremy Gorr […]

7 Days of Outreach in 3 Weeks in KS and GA (Late February / Early March JFA Update)

JFA trainers led three Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue seminars (Seat Work) in Georgia in early March.  A total of 46 attended.  The team led 5 days of outreach to Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia in Athens.  Seven attended outreach for the first time, and volunteers from previous events also joined the team to […]

JFA on the Radio, on the March, on the Ground, and on the Metro (Jan/Feb 2015 Update Links)

On the March for Life JFA training specialists Catherine Wurts and Rebecca Haschke participated in the March for Life JFA-style: they turned it into an opportunity to teach pro-life advocates to dialogue!  See “JFA Equips 263 at the March for Life” for more, including what happened to one student when she returned home. On the […]

“Better than Saying Nothing”

Volunteer Charity Boaz had planned “to let others do the talking.”  Seeing a young man looking at the Justice For All Exhibit alone, though, caused her to gather up her courage.  Afterwards, she wrote, I decided someone had to talk to him, and it looked like it was going to be me.  I was so […]

2014: A Snapshot in Recent Letters, Posts, and Pics

Here are links to recent JFA letters, blog posts, and pics: 2014 Year-End Report: JFA Helps Volunteers Escape an “Easy Escape” 2014 Year-End Report – Extras, including a post on ISIS Steve’s Christmas Letter: A Tale of Two Gifts A Tale of Two Gifts – Extras, including Steve’s “Don’t Be Like Me” Story November 2014 […]