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Seeking “Justice For All” by Ministering to Outsiders

I delivered the sermon to both Sunday services at Christ Community Church in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month.  Approximately 1700 heard the message.  In a section describing Biblical reasons for showing respect to both the unborn and to pro-choice advocates, I said essentially this: Think about it. I can defend the unborn with such anger […]

What Adam Was Doing Right

When you read the story of JFA’s volunteer “Adam” in my Christmas letter, you may be tempted to heap scorn on him for missing an important opportunity to minister to a woman in need.  That’s the opposite of the right response, in my view.  I think Adam was doing exactly the right thing, at least […]

A Tale of Two Gifts (Christmas Letter + Extras)

One woman’s tears began to fall near our poll table. The other’s fell all over the feet of an extraordinary man. Only one of the women received the care she needed. And one of our volunteers got a gift he’ll never forget.   In my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, I share these […] – JFA can be your charity!

If you shop at regularly, you can help JFA a little bit just by starting your shopping instead at Amazon’s portal dedicated to helping charities,  Select Justice For All as your charity.  The portal experience and prices are exactly the same as Here are details from the website. Note: Amazon Smile sends […]

JFA Fall 2014 Events Update – September

September at a Glance (12/30/2014 Update: October-November Pictures Update; December Update Roundup)  OSU, 9/8-9/10 — Click the image to go to gallery. The JFA Team completed two training projects in September, centered around the campuses of Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the University of Kansas (KU).   We had challenges with our space reservations on […]

More Labor Days

JFA volunteer Tricia participated in our Spring Break mission trip earlier this year and shared this reflection: “My favorite conversation was with a girl who wasn’t really sure what she thought. It was really cool just to talk through it all with her. As we talked, she realized how much sense it made that the […]

Feet Work Changed My Life (w/ Links)

Do you remember your first JFA outreach event, or the first time you purposefully set out to start conversations in hopes of changing hearts and minds about abortion?  For me, that first day was in June 2002.  Read in my July 2014 newsletter, Feet Work Changed My Life, which describes how that day and the […]