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Seeking “Justice For All” by Ministering to Outsiders

I delivered the sermon to both Sunday services at Christ Community Church in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month.  Approximately 1700 heard the message.  In a section describing Biblical reasons for showing respect to both the unborn and to pro-choice advocates, I said essentially this: Think about it. I can defend the unborn with such anger […]

Feet Work Changed My Life (w/ Links)

Do you remember your first JFA outreach event, or the first time you purposefully set out to start conversations in hopes of changing hearts and minds about abortion?  For me, that first day was in June 2002.  Read in my July 2014 newsletter, Feet Work Changed My Life, which describes how that day and the […]

Favorites: Yes = No

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a few of my favorite newsletters from the past few years in this space.  If you’re new to my blog or my work with JFA, I think these letters will give you a snapshot of my work.  I hope you enjoy them.  Here’s the first one: In […]

Are You Losing Sleep?

See why I’m not losing sleep, and what I’m doing to start. My September/October 2009 newsletter will help you join our growing community of determined insomniacs.

Minds Do Change

Look at this interchange my colleague Lauren had with a student at PCC. One simple question, one simple explanation (the tour), and this girl changed her mind. Shows the power of good dialogue in the hands of a good ambassador!

Moonlight Beach Survey Results

On May 24, a small team of JFA staff and volunteers hit the beach in Southern California as a part of a JFA leadership camp. The purpose? Find out what people think about abortion and give them the opportunity to dialogue about it if interested. We took opinions through two vehicles: a survey (9 questions) […]