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Seeking “Justice For All” by Ministering to Outsiders

I delivered the sermon to both Sunday services at Christ Community Church in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month.  Approximately 1700 heard the message.  In a section describing Biblical reasons for showing respect to both the unborn and to pro-choice advocates, I said essentially this: Think about it. I can defend the unborn with such anger […]

All Hands on Deck!

Friends, Want to help Justice For All train thousands to make abortion unthinkable, but feel like the small amount of money or time you have to give won’t make a difference? Now, only $10 and friend networking could help JFA in a BIG way. Here’s how: America’s 2009 Giving Challenge is on. $170,000 in prizes […]

How the Facebook Cause Contest Helps JFA Accomplish Its Training Mission

Note: This post refers to the Facebook Cause Challenge: America’s 2009 Giving Challenge. Help JFA today! Money … enables JFA to pay for travel, salaries, and operating expenses so JFA trainers can train students to make abortion unthinkable, one person at a time. Networking … helps JFA connect with people who can enroll in JFA’s […]

The Fine Print

Note: This post is related to the Facebook Cause Contest, America’s 2009 Giving Challenge. Help JFA today!Some of you may remember a similar Challenge that JFA participated in last year. The 2009 Challenge is the same in most ways but there are several significant changes. Here’s a summary: The daily competition clock starts ticking at […]

As the Curtain Falls… (My Farewell Message to STR)

Note: I posted this letter earlier today at the STR blog. Fellow Ambassadors, When the curtain falls on the last act of a mediocre play, it’s a real downer. Not only was the experience of the play a bit dull, but now there’s nothing there to continue to hold your attention. But if the play […]