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Nuts and Bolts of Good Dialogue

Check out this latest show from the folks at Life Report. It’s a very helpful discussion of how we can integrate our concern for the unborn with our genuine concern for the pro-choice advocate we want to reach. Life Report is regular food for thought on my mental table. I highly recommended you make it […]

Josh Brahm and Steve Wagner Un…er…plugged into your iPod

Josh Brahm recently posted an hour-long chat we recorded back in November. Here’s what he said about it: “I apologize for the length of this episode, but trust me, it’s well worth it! Steve Wagner from Justice For All and I have an indepth discussion on the following topics: Steve’s book, “Common Ground Without Compromise;” […]

The Most Important Thing I’ve Said All Year

I think the second half of my interview with Josh Brahm on Life Report contains probably the most important thing I’ve said all year. Listen to the 19-minute segment and see if you can guess what I’m referring to. Then post your thoughts in the comments section.

In Trouble as a Child…and other Thoughts

Josh Brahm interviewed me recently for the exceptional Life Report Podcast (I highly recommend Josh and this podcast!). In the interview, I answer his standard questions for “pro-life celebrities,” including confessing my childhood mishief. Click the link to listen! (This segment is 34 minutes.)

If I’m Pro-Life, What Should I Call a Person Who Disagrees?

In his response to this question, Josh Brahm quoted my book, but also gave his own insightful commentary. And it’s an important question for him to answer because he’s actually found a way to interest pro-choice listeners in his very entertaining and very informative podcast. Imagine that. Pro-life advocates talking with pro-choice advocates in mind. […]